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A new dimension of safe space.


A new dimension of safe space. Purific.


What is a safe space for us today? Is it an area in which we do not detect, do not locate with the naked eye hostile persons, animals, or elements of the physical environment? Is the threat always visible? In what sphere of life should we be especially vigilant?

As usual, the saying is confirmed that "if you can't see something, it doesn't mean, that it's not there." Dangers are present all around us, and awareness of this and rational counteraction to the dangers is the only way out for us.

Threats won't go away soon

We are living in a time of pandemics, and all over the globe we are witnessing its recurring waves. The conclusions are obvious - epidemiological risks will remain a key challenge for years to come, and procedures related to epidemiological risk reduction will continue to be the focus of attention of specialists in various fields. Undoubtedly, they will be an important component in the planning of social and economic life.


How do you define a safe space in the 21st century?

We want to live, work and spend our leisure time, in spaces properly prepared in terms of health safety. A safe space today is one that reduces to the minimum necessary contact of humans with pathogens, viral material capable of disease. This is why public institutions such as schools, offices, offices or medical and retail establishments medical and commercial and service establishments now require special attention and ensuring their personnel and users the best possible conditions for safe operation.

Hygiene first and foremost

When staying in the same space and contact between people involves the risk of spread of serious diseases, maintaining hygiene becomes of primary importance. Due to the scale of the problem, it is important to introduce solutions that guarantee maximum safety, highest efficiency as well as automation. The process of disinfection of premises is slowly beginning to be a prerequisite for the comfort of of being for people using various types of spaces. The ability to carry out decontamination in a professional manner is becoming a value for both regular users as well as visitors. It determines the comfort of employees when providing services, as well as influencing the satisfaction of visitors and service recipients, who enjoy the benefits of staying in a thoroughly disinfected safe and secure environment. in a thoroughly disinfected safe space.

The ways are many, but...

There are many methods of decontamination, but their effectiveness is often unsatisfactory. Among the commonly used methods of removing pathogenic microorganisms include manual cleaning of surfaces using disinfectant liquids, sprays and special wipes. Unfortunately, it is insufficient to effectively get rid of of pathogens, and in numerous cases manual disinfection leaves dangerous microbial contamination on surfaces dangerous microbial contamination.

Another method, quite common in offices, is the elimination of pathogens using UV lamps. As in the case of manual disinfection, this method does not guaranteeing complete safety. It must be remembered that UV radiation is a factor mutagenic and carcinogenic. It is so dangerous to humans that in the US this method has not received a recommendation from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).


  • UV lamp is not fully effective because it does not disinfect hard-to-reach areas
  • in rooms after disinfection leaves an unpleasant smell (ozone)
  • UV rays damage plastics
  • the cost of purchasing the device is high

Dry mist decontamination - maximum safety

It turned out, after many studies, that decontamination with the use of volatile substances, when gaseous disinfectants are able to reach the the most inaccessible places in the premises.

Dry mist decontamination is a method of disinfection designed for increased Human safety. It provides a long-lasting effect (disinfectant particles persist on the substrate for up to 10) days and is very suitable for decontamination of large areas.

Although it requires ventilation after disinfection, dry mist decontamination itself does not change the temperature of the room being decontaminated, so it can find application in such places as medical facilities, ambulances, means of transportation, residential facilities, commercial and service, industrial, teaching facilities, offices, public institutions, and others.

An important feature of this method is the safe disinfection of electrical equipment. Dry mist does not interact with electronics, and can be used, for example, to disinfect laboratory apparatus and medical equipment powered by electricity. It does not destroy materials (does not bleach), does not leave odors, and is the best method for disinfecting absorbent fabrics, used to cover mattresses, beds and chairs.

In the opinion of medical authorities, the method of decontamination by dry mist fogging is the most effective and safest disinfection method available on the world market. It is of particular importance in medical applications, especially in hospital wards, where patients with COVID-19 are treated. dry mist decontamination is recommended by the professional journal trade journal The Journal of Hospital Infection, in its March 2021 issue. Experts recognize the high effectiveness of this method and delineate its important role role in the strategy to fight the pandemic. Dry mist decontamination gives effective protection against harmful bacteria, viruses (including rotavirus and SARS-CoV-2), and fungi.

Safe space with Purific

A milestone in the creation of a modern safe space is the PURIFIC multifunctional modular design.

PURIFIC functions are tailored to meet the needs of customers such as laboratories, hospitals, clinics, hotels, schools, offices, retail and service facilities, stores, gas stations or fitness clubs and gyms.

The device allows:

  • Safe decontamination of the space without risk of damage to electronic equipment, such as medical apparatus, laboratory equipment, diagnostic equipment
  • hand disinfection
  • non-contact temperature measurement of persons
  • display of information, instructional or advertising content
  • identification of people in the near field

A safe investment in security

It is worth mentioning that Purific is seen as a safe investment. It makes it possible to reduce epidemiological risks and minimize disinfection costs with the highest possible automation. Marketers point to 3 commercial pillars supporting customers in their decision to purchase the device.

Here they are:

1. Technology

The device uses the most effective and safest available on the world market method of disinfection using dry mist. Dry mist is sterile - it poses no risk to laboratory equipment and electronic diagnostic equipment.

2. Production

Ensure continuous serial production in the EU, in a factory that produces advanced technologically advanced equipment for such multinationals as Alstom and Canadian Bombardier. The choice of such a production line location guarantees the highest quality of PURIFIC manufacturing.

3. Distribution

The location of the factory in the EU helps to ensure efficient timely delivery of the device and fast and convenient service. Distribution and logistics in Poland are handled by Marcova, a company with over 16 years of experience in providing comprehensive equipment and IT devices, new technologies for businesses along with advanced service packages.

If you dream of a safe space, plan to make it happen

Dreams should be followed, and the fundamental needs of humanity should be realized.  Safe space belongs to them.

If you want to create a safe space for you and your people, think Purific.

Start implementing a plan that will change the quality of life, yours and those around you.  After all, their comfort depends so much on your investment decisions.  Remember - Purific is a new dimension of safe space.

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