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Business abhors stagnation
Activate your business with support from HP and Marcova


Business abhors stagnation.
Activate your business with support
from HP and Marcova

The lockdown period was a difficult challenge for companies, both for employees and employers.
Due to the regulations and restrictions put in place for the pandemic, many organizations had to switch to a remote working model.

What to do in this situation to avoid stunting businesses? How to organize remote work so as to ensure high efficiency without losing quality?

These and similar questions are still being asked by owners and managers in many companies. Marcova - listening to the needs of the market - in cooperation with HP prompts and inspires entrepreneurs to in action. As part of the HP Business Boost program program, she proposes solutions that are remarkably adapted to current realities. Here is the Business Activator - a unique tool that allows companies, without large financial outlays come out of stagnation and continue their business at a satisfactory level.

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Statistics show that nearly 32% of the working population needs to perform remote work equipment and expert technical support. The Business Activator program appears to be the way of the times. It makes it possible to obtain equipment without the need to buy them, introducing a monthly subscription fee model. The fees are small (starting from 169 PLN per month), and the effects are large.

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Employees receive high-quality HP corporate hardware to maintain expected productivity even when working remotely. That's not all. At HP Business Boost in addition to solid hardware, we have competent technical support. Business Boost has the support of professional, qualified consultants to help with technical, security and device management issues. An additional argument ZA is an attractive financing system. Its convenience lies in the fact that it allows you to start working right away and pay later in a subscription settlement.

The program offers many different packages, so it is best to contact Marcova's sales department, to select the solution that best fits your needs and those of your business. It's time for your move - if you want to activate your business, you already know HOW!

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