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Digitization or deforestation?
Electronic project management systems.


Digitization or deforestation?
Electronic project management systems.


Many may find this juxtaposition shocking or at least puzzling. Where is digitization and where is land deforestation? What is the connection between such distant fields from each other? Again and this time, things are connected. By very thin threads, but nevertheless, yes.

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Dangers of deforestation


We deal with deforestation through natural factors, weather, climate, as well as - and perhaps most importantly - as a result of unsustainable management.

Decreasing forest acreage happens as a result of, for example, natural disasters such as fires, but is usually the result of anthropopression i.e. overexploitation of forests andv environmental pollution. This can lead to serious disturbances in the water cycle, cause floods or droughts, cause degenerative changes in relief under the influence of influence of landslides and mudslides.

Deforestation is accompanied by the destruction of the natural habitats of numerous species of mammals and birds, thereby reducing their populations, often to the point of extinction. Although man is behind deforestation, people are also affected. For millions of people, the forest is a habitat for living (for Pygmies, among others). Let's not forget that forests are called "Lungs of the Earth" because they are a reservoir for carbon dioxide, which they convert into oxygen.

Global Forest Watch data shows that by 2020, the tropics will have logged nearly 12.2 million hectares of forest land, more than a third of which is primary forest. Experts have calculated, that in the case of primary forests, carbon emissions associated with deforestation amounted to 2.64 billion tons, or as much as 570 million internal combustion cars would emit for a year.

Let's also remember the exploitation of forests for paper production. To produce a ton of paper it takes as many as 17 trees, which have to grow for about eight years to reach a suitable size for cutting.

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Digitization and electronic document circulation


Here we move seamlessly to the second issue, digitalization. Many companies (including our partner, Enovatio) are persuasively urging people to move away from paper-based workflows in favor of electronic ones. The benefits - as it turns out - are far more than just protecting the tree stand.

Electronic circulation is more secure, prevents leakage of confidential data, archiving is simpler and does not require dedicated space in the office as was the case with case of paper document archives.

(Read more in the article: We're simplifying the world)

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Electronic management systems

Of particular interest to entrepreneurs and their employees (executive teams, project teams) are system solutions for project and budget supervision.

Using the Enovatio system as an example, we will introduce the benefits of digital solutions and electronic project and budget management systems.

Basic advantages:

  • simple and transparent licensing
  • process wizard for self-configuration
  • Integration with other systems (e.g., accounting)
  • Installation in the cloud or on the client's servers
  • possibility of multi-person remote work

Customers turn to systemic solutions most often when they perceive poor effectiveness of existing procedures.

When "excel is not enough", When there is chaos in projects, communication is poor, commitment of the team is unsatisfactory, and work is inefficient due to a misunderstanding of the priorities of the assigned tasks. In addition, managers express the need for greater control over projects, transparency of the workflow and compliance with the budget.

Here we are close to an issue that is increasingly important today, which are characterized by significant dynamics of change. It is about risk management and the ability to respond quickly to unplanned disruptions in project implementation according to budget.

Electronic project management systems make it possible to monitor the progress of work in this way work, thus giving managers the chance to react to problems at the right time, when it is not 'too late.

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What electronic management looks like
'through the eyes of the boss'?


We will show this in a few simple steps:

Step 1:
individuals are selected and tasks are assigned; begins communication of team members and executives within the system; alerts and notifications are triggered

Step 2:
We define the responsibilities of employees; a A preview is made available for supervisors to monitor the progress of the work

Step 3:
We set a timeframe for the project, dividing it into stages from start to finish; incorporate a tool to control the status of work - timeliness of performance of tasks (Gantt diagram)

Step 4:
indicate priorities, categories of "tasks" and "sub-tasks"

Step 5:
use of documentation on an ongoing basis, at the project level and individual task; archiving with easy access to the various versions of the arising during implementation

Step 6:
We enter budget information into the system; this allows us to efficient control of orders and invoices, whether the implementation is in line with the initial budget assumptions and whether, for example, their correction is required

Step 7:
We monitor project reports and reports; we have a quick overview of the of the current results of the work of each individual involved in the project, From the beginning to the very end of the project

Digital order


In the simplest terms, an electronic project management system allows you to bring order and order to the process. It is clear who is responsible for what, and whether the work is progressing in accordance with the schedule and budget.
The system is easily integrated with an accounting system for better control of finances.

We can conclude that both contractors and executives benefit from the system.

Project team

  • gets a clear and intuitive-to-use internal communication tool - one centralized system
  • Has streamlined planning and accounting for work phases
  • improves its efficiency (including alerts and reminders)
  • uses a single information channel for multiple people to collaborate on a project
  • has project information collected in dedicated archives in the system

Project management staff

  • Has a clear picture of the progress of the work, the actual status of the project and the budget
  • Has insight into the datasets, which facilitates project management and decision-making processes during the course of it
  • Has remote access to project documentation regardless of current location or time (e.g., while traveling)
  • achieves greater impact on profitability AND optimization of expenses
  • benefits from the automation of many activities, such as the conversion of the number of hours concerning personnel and material resources, and automatic notifications sent to employees
  • monitors tasks, e.g., using percentage indicators placed next to things to be done
  • Controls possible risks of delays and under-budgeting

Finally, let's ask ourselves two questions.

Can we imagine today the implementation of a of a complex project based on a paper-based workflow and multi-channel communication with the executive team?

With distributed reporting, is it possible to run a project on budget and effectively monitor the actual status of the work?

The answer is: Rather not. It seems impossible, unnecessary, and let's call it by its name: 'outdated'. Besides, after all, it's a waste of paper!

Therefore, in conclusion, first of all, let's say 'No' to chaotic deforestation, which seriously threatens the Earth and all its life forms.

Second, let's decide on an optimistic 'Yes' to digitalization, which streamlines processes in institutions, structuring operations giving the promise of greater convenience, quality and order.

Simplifying business life comes at a price, professional management systems projects are generally not free
( attention! demo from Enovatio available for free >>> ),
But the benefits are enormous, and the outlay pays for itself quickly, especially in the age of remote and hybrid working.

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