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Lower electricity bills.
- Is that even possible?


Due to the coronavirus, companies around the world are now operating in an emergency mode / exceptional maneer. Budgets are verified anew, managers wonder how to reduce costs, often deciding to change the priorities and sometimes the goals of the organization's functioning. Budget are being revised, and managers are considering how to reduce costs, often deciding to change their priorities and sometimes the objectives of the organization.

It's important to be aware of the challenges at this point, although they seem a bit delayed, require action now. One of them undoubtedly is energy management. Attention to improving energy efficiency should become a permanent feature of the modern business model, and its positive effects may be felt in the near future.
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If you want to improve energy efficiency, i.e. reduce energy consumption and related costs, it is worth making changes in the set of the devices and installations used so far (including lighting), and even their replacement in a specific facility, office or company.

You can entrust us with the assessment of the situation in this regard. Marcova carries out professional energy audits, and on their basis, customers make decisions about modernization and energy savings.


The audit is carried out in several stages:

  • First, we determine what can be modified or replaced at the customer's site in order to reduce energy bills / charges

  • Then we analyze the possible technological solutions to be applied in a given case - more energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting devices and fittings

  • In the end we present to the Client a summary of the anticipated savings with the modernization costs and the level of return on investment.

  • The lighting, the office equipment which is in use, and, in particular, printing devices should be analyzed, observing the habits and behavior of specific users. Energy consumption profiling is also very important. We help in optimizing such profiling by looking at tariffs and contract terms for energy supplies, internal billing methods and supplier fees.

    Few customers pay attention to this, however it is worth knowing that everyone has a specified maximum power allocation in the contract with the energy supplier. When overestimating an allocation, too much is paid for it, and when underestimated - the penalty for exceeding it.

    What's all this for?

    The first and for many, the most important argument is to decrease electricity bills. Not everyone knows how big their energy consumption is, and how charges could be reduced.

    Smaller bills mean savings for the company and more money for investments, employees and development. Equally important, the use of energy-saving solutions allows you to become independent from the political turmoil associated with setting energy prices. It becomes easier to calculate the costs of production, manufacturing a product, because the lower the consumption, the smaller the impact of changes in energy prices on the company's operations is.

    Let's not forget about the positive psychological aspect of improving the quality of light. Employees concentrate more easily, they are less tired, and their efficiency and work comfort increase. This is another argument for modernization.
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    The implementation of energy-saving solutions is also supported by fewer interruptions in operation, which are ncessary to replace light sources. Downtime can be particularly burdensome in three-shift plants. The savings associated with not having to purchase lighting replacements, and not having to pay labour costs are obvious.

    The last, albeit one of the most important and more and more frequently quoted arguments, is the reduced carbon dioxide emissions and the beneficial effect on the environment. While the pandemic is not the recommended energy-saving solution, let's look at it in this context. During the pandemic, the Earth gasped. The reduction in economic and industrial activity contributed to an unusually large decrease in carbon dioxide emissions. Does this change have to be only temporary?

    It is worth learning from this situation and doing everything possible to remember the need for deep systemic transformations leading to a more sustainable economy, that will be good for people and the planet during the recovery period. Such changes will be real thanks to the introduction of energy-saving solutions that may not only contribute to the improvement of companies' finances, but also the quality of life of the Earth's inhabitants.

    Do you want to learn more about the available solutions? Write or call us.

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