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„Monitors are windows,
that connect people and technology”.

Unique proposals from Samsung.

How dependent are we today on the media, on access to information? What role do media and data devices play in the modern world? for data transmission?


Did the pioneers (the history of television goes back to the late 19th century!) in the field of image transmission, and the first TV sets we would call "windows to the world" juxtaposing them with modern devices with such high parameters and realistic presentation of colors and details?

In the beginning there was... a television

The topic is quite complex. The term 'Television is a window to the world' has been known for many generations, but these days it is taking on new meanings.

Certainly, today's television allows viewers to more intensively and realistically than in the past, to experience 'other worlds', cultures, learn about different customs, nations, countries they may not have had the opportunity to explore before. To quote the author of the publication on for "beyond entertainment, television has become an integral tool for understanding and shaping society."

One might be tempted to say that the role of television in our century has overwhelmingly has been taken over by the Internet. It is he arch-important information medium used by millions of people. In addition, it is a meeting place for huge crowds of people, a space for exchanging ideas and creating opinion-forming content, as well as a source of entertainment.

The 21st century - new experiences, new quality of experience

It is worth asking a seemingly simple question :

What modern monitors give us?

Well, they allow us to see each other - they connect people online, make it possible to conduct meetings impossible 'in real life', e.g., because of a pandemic or because of the distance between the current location of the invited participants.

The monitors also combine different technologies and functionalities. This is part of creating a new technological order order by introducing higher standards and universal, multi-purpose solutions for the greater user experience. Take USB-C connectivity, PBP (split screen) and PIP (picture-in-picture), for example. picture). It really makes life easier!

Monitory Samsung 1

Monitory ‘do wszystkiego’!

There is no great exaggeration in this sentence. Monitors serve us for social applications, online communication, allow us to receive digital platforms with programs and movies, provide entertainment in the gaming world (so popular gaming). They also give access to streaming and track in real time what is happening beyond our physical access, even very far away (e.g. cultural events, performances and concerts).

On monitors, we watch broadcasts, conduct audio-video conferences, work 'online' in a multiplayer teams, and we have the opportunity to play together with other users in multiplayer games, for example.

As you look at this list, you can see the colossal progress, the highest evolutionary stage in relation to the 'ancient television'!

Monitory Samsung 2

It's time for ... a sensationally realistic image

Commentators on the issue emphasize the aspect of image quality as very important to create emotions in the modern viewer. The impression of realism is highly valued by both lovers of films, documentaries, as well as keen gamers. And, of course, professionals who, using monitors on a daily basis expect the highest image fidelity.

Returning to history, let's not forget that, in addition to limited content, the oldest television transmission was reduced to a grayscale image, and its resolution, contrast and sharpness can be compared to those of pinhole photography (pinhole camera) when compared to the richly detailed image that the modern digital photography is capable of capturing. Now with Samsung it's time for "a milliard of colors" and 4K resolution!

Monitory Samsung 4

Samsung - monitors one of a kind

In technological advances in display technology, Samsung is the undisputed leader. It inspires people around the world and leads the way with innovative ideas and technologies. We can confidently say that Samsung offers monitors that are exceptional, even outstanding under terms of class and image quality.

Realistic scene reproduction, compatibility, comprehensive connectivity, ergonomic design, and extraordinary solutions for health and environmental protection (including Eye Care Certificate, Adaptive Picture, Eye Saver mode, and environmentally friendly product packaging) are just some of the features of the monitors Samsung monitors, which can encourage the purchase of both ordinary users and professionals, people business.
Monitory Samsung 4
A simple calculation - Samsung for greater

The research shows that it should become a priority for companies to comprehensively replace outdated displays with new ones that provide better image quality and comfort provided by solutions that minimize visual fatigue while using the monitor (including Intelligent Eye Care).

Samsung's high-resolution monitors, with their detailed, crisp image, they increase efficiency in any work environment. This change does not require additional investment like buying new computers and IT equipment. All you need is a new Samsung monitor to feel the difference! The leap in quality is plain to see. A change in line with industry trends will allow you to improve your business environment and increase the productivity of your employees, as well as improve the perception of your Company by visitors.

Thoughtful, stylish design also has an impact

Note the slim, frameless design of Samsung monitors. It provides users with an an optimal, distraction-free work area. In addition, when two monitors, the minimized bezels can create an almost uniform image. This is a great convenience for projects based on multitasking, and when creating large multi-element video walls for presentations video.
Monitory Samsung 5
Samsung for everyone?

Yes. The company is consciously constructing its offerings with different uses of monitors and different expectations of buyers. So there is something for "ordinary users" and for demanding "professionals".

For example, the S80UA Series is ideal for programmers, engineers, designers, photographers and all those who need maximum faithful image reproduction. The 4K/UHD resolution of 3840 x 2160 quadruples the performance of standard monitors!

Monitors of other series, such as S60A, also give an excellent picture, but no longer with such parameters, because their purpose is different. Important information for consumers is the fact that even the lower Samsung series still "take care" of our health, and eyesight in particular (Adaptive Picture Technology, Eye Saver mode, Flicker Free mode). Eye Saver, Flicker Free).

Monitory Samsung 6
Samsung - pleasure guaranteed

To conclude, a statement from the director of the consumer electronics division at Samsung South Africa. Reginald Nxumalo concludes:

"The way people watch TV and similar content may have changed, but one thing is for sure, picture quality is crucial for enjoyment. Samsung provides viewers with an extremely vivid and detailed experience that brings their world to life in a way, that positively impacts their lives."

We, in turn, invite you to take a look at Samsung's range of monitors at! See for yourself that 'it's all true.

Monitory Samsung 7

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