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New reality, safe solutions


New reality. New experiences. Can we already live with the awareness of the presence of the coronavirus?

The pandemic has led to unprecedented changes. Lockdown has overturned our normal functioning almost overnight limiting it to activities that can be performed at home. Plans of the day, rituals and habits have changed rapidly, and our longings for the world we remember before social isolation have different expressions depending on where we live and work. However, we are slowly trying to tame the situation.

It's time to get back to normal. It's time to unfreeze your business, restart companies, and get started with services. Yes, but how to do it safely? How not to be surprised once again?

The latest technological solutions and special personal protective equipment are a way to re-open to the world and customers while maintaining maximum safety.

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First, let's take a look at advanced thermographic cameras. They can help provide a healthy and safe environment for you, your employees and visitors, in premises, offices and shops. They allow for quick, relatively precise, contact-free measurement of human body temperature from a safe distance. For example, Hikvision cameras are able to selectively examine only the temperature of the human skin surface, ignoring other sources of heat, which reduces the number of false alarms. In addition, they ensure greater measurement accuracy by compensating for changes in the ambient temperature, and the distance of a person from the measuring device. Just enter the measurement area and the test will take place automatically. In just 1 second, the cameras can measure the temperature, helping to select people for further tests and possible medical diagnosis.

The cameras work with free IVMS 4200 software, which allows you to view live images, and the DS-7600-I2 series recorders (and similar) allow you to create monitoring documentation from many thermal cameras (8-16 channels) in high resolution. Using By means of PoE switches, the cameras, recorders and computers can be combined into one network, obtaining a complete comprehensive control system.

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In the offer of thermal imaging systems, in addition to advanced solutions, there are also economy versions available. These are small size diagnostic stations with a built-in thermovision sensor and electronic system. Thanks to them, the devices recognize an increased temperature from a safe distance, which signals the risk of disease or virus infection. We will detect potential threats without contact, automatically, quickly, efficiently and safely.

The devices will be used, among others at multi-person elevators, in various public facilities, in front of the entrances to offices, premises, service points, hospitals, railway stations and airports. Very important for security systems is the fact that thermographic cameras can be connected to external control and integrated with the entrance gate, door, and a dedicated light or sound alarm. In short - whoever has a fever will not enter.

The basic element of the safe space is modern hand disinfection machine. Manufacturers outdo each other in their offers - free-standing and wall mounted versions, in factory colors or personalised on request. In terms of prophylaxis and hygiene, contactless actuation is an important feature. The liquid is dosed automatically, and the device is quick and easy to install. The most interesting proposals are by ProClean. Their vending machines have been designed for use in public places, e.g. in shops, hotels, offices, offices, hospitals, schools, gas stations, restaurants, railway stations, at airports, hospitals, and others. Due to the colors and patterns, they fit into any surroundings.

So what is left for us? Not to be surprised by the pandemic again. Let’s use the possibilities of the modern world to create safe spaces for people to live, to work and relax. Time to act!

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