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Savoir Vivre 01

Savoir vivre and online meetings.
Are we still able to behave?


What about these rules?

It is said that rules are made to be broken, but surely in the new conditions of the digital age one should deviate from healthy and friendly etiquette? Are the good habits that we have managed to developed during live business interactions are worth replacing with new habits often resulting from our laziness, sloppiness or ill-conceived convenience?

We already look at the issue of online savoir vivre practically every day. In the new reality of reality associated with the transformation of the mode of work, it is an important topic for business people, companies, employees, and by the way for journalists and research centers.

Brands IT cites the interesting and even shocking results of a survey conducted by ClickMeeting.

It turns out that:

• Participants in online meetings feel acutely the lack of clear and widely enforced rules of etiquette,

• 21% of respondents admit to attending the online meeting in informal clothing, namely. namely in pajamas,

• respondents are most distracted when meeting participants who are not speaking are speaking at the moment, have their microphones on,

• For 48% of respondents, a camera on during an online meeting is a sign of respect for its other participants.

Savoir Vivre 02
Let's talk in silence, calm, and in accordance with etiquette…

How to behave so that the online meeting goes smoothly, both in terms of substantive and technical, and with attention to the elementary comfort of the conversation.

Not surprisingly, ambient sounds and noises are distracting and make it difficult to carry on a conversation conversation. (We refer readers here to article HIDE PHONE BOOTHS). For as many as 66% of respondents, sounds from the caller's surroundings that come through the a switched-on microphone when the meeting participant is not actually speaking.

44% complain about poor preparation for online speeches and, for example, searching already on video for the materials needed for the presentation materials.

23% find it distracting when a video meeting participant is not looking at the camera.

A really small group doesn't give in to anything - that's a mere 10% of respondents who declare, that nothing distracts them or throws them off their rhythm.

Savoir Vivre 03
Let's avoid embarrassment. Not all new means good.

Let's take a look at some more new customs.

Well, the tracksuit fashion has clearly taken over many online meetings.

When 48% of respondents admit that a camera on during an online meeting is a sign of respect, what then of the informal attire we so often choose. As many as 53% chose tracksuit, (a logical follow-up to the 23% 'appearing' in pajamas), and it may be puzzling that only 57% chose to wear smart attire, such as a shirt with a collar or a jacket.

This data gives food for thought, and constructive conclusions come to mind. We want to cultivate good manners and transfer behavior from meetings traditionally held in person. It will be spot on to quote ClickMeeting Managing Director Dominika Paciorkowska here, who states that: "many participants in online meetings would like participation to be as much as possible resemble the experience of a live meeting. That's why they care about a camera on or appropriate attire." She also points to "new solutions that help shorten the distance between meeting participants and allow them to have the best possible experience and interaction in the virtual relationships."

So let's remember that during online meetings:

1. greet each other - saying hello and goodbye (75-79% choose "hello," "good morning" and "goodbye," and 5- 9% waving their hand to the camera),

2. take care of punctuality (which in practice means logging into the system even 5 minutes before a scheduled meeting; as many as 87% of respondents consider this important),

3. not to leave the meeting before the end without a really important reason,

4. Present participants with a clear agenda so that they know the topics and the amount of time they are expected to spend,

5. Do not conduct another meeting in parallel i.e., for example, do not whisper with someone in the room off-camera,

6. take care of good technical quality of video and audio connection (a large assortment of high-end of video conferencing equipment is in our offer. Just ask Marcova consultants or check.

7. be careful with the microphone and keep an eye on the mode - change 'on' to 'off' to avoid feedback,

8. speak not too fast, with care to be heard and understood well,

9. maintain eye contact with participants i.e. look into the camera lens,

10. dress appropriately - an elegant appearance is still seen as a sign of respect for the other meeting participants.

I guess these are not requirements not of this earth, so let's cultivate good manners, uphold them in the new circumstances, prudently using digitization, but not succumbing to it in terms of etiquette and appropriate behavior. This is part of the elementary culture that we try to protect and pass on to the to the next generation.

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