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Simplifying the world.
New tools for business in hybrid realities.


Simplifying the world.
New tools for business in hybrid realities.


We function in an era of transformation, in a hybrid world in which what is contemporary, modern, coexists with what is traditional. This applies both to our everyday life, such as mobile applications used in public spaces, such as in public transportation, as well as professional, related to work management methodologies - projects and human resources human resources. The goal is clear - to simplify and streamline processes to increase productivity and, consequently, the profitability of companies. It is not a discovery that for the business world and entrepreneurs entrepreneurs these are matters of primary importance, which is why we are looking for new solutions and we create new tools adapted to changing realities.

The fact is that these tools have been partially in circulation for some time, but are now finding greater use due to the need to maintain or improve efficiency, especially in the remote work mode, which is becoming an increasingly common model of employment and employer-employee relations.

The pace of change is rapid. More and more companies are coming up with solutions to increase productivity and developing tools to streamline processes in a wide variety of organizations and enterprises.

One such innovation, designed to make management better and easier, is the electronic document workflow. In Poland, the provider of such a platform is, among others, Marcova's partner - Enovatio company.

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Electronic document circulation system


It's worth taking a look at how it works... It's well known that in ancient, but also not so distant times, we were drowning in an avalanche of documents - necessary papers for the administration and supervision of processes in the company / organization.

Now, thanks to innovative software, things are different. We use less paper and we improve efficiency - we have our employees more focused on their designed tasks, rather than on the dozens of hours-devouring 'traditional' bureaucracy. In a nutshell: we save time and money.

What other specific benefits come from electronic workflows?


Enhancing security.

Working with paper documents is not always secure and is a sore point for many companies. There is a strong need to effectively secure confidential data. According to Enovatio's summaries approx. 80% of cooperating companies admitted that they had been exposed to the loss of confidential documents in the last past 3 years.

The issue is simple - paper documents are much easier to lose or destroy than electronic ones. In addition, they should be stored in accordance with RODO, and in times of pandemic, many employees (including those in accounting and bookkeeping offices) have moved to a remote working model. Such change involved moving physical documents from the company to home. Under such conditions conditions, it is easy for customer data to be breached, with potentially severe legal and financial consequences. Companies are already recognizing that detailed document management procedures documents have become a necessity. The electronic circulation system is proving to be in many cases cases indispensable and extremely helpful. It protects against the so-called leakage of confidential documents and ensures that only designated people have access to them. They can review, edit or manage documents, and the system records changes and the path of approval. Controlling who interacts with the data and when definitely improves improving security.

Centralization of the archive and faster data retrieval.

A central place for registration, handling and archiving of documents greatly streamlines work. It becomes possible to automate processes - the system intuitively fills in data, enforces the user's user's reactions, displays alerts and reminders, and allows multiple people to work simultaneously people on a single document. Also responsible for saving time is a search engine with advanced filtering that provides instant insight into data. Ultimately, all these measures reduce document handling time.

Introduction of security copies - data backup.

Paper documents are subject to many factors that cause them to be lost or destroyed. It can be a matter of simple inattention. It doesn't take much for our important papers, for example, to be drenched in tea or coffee, or lost while moving from place to place. Electronic documents are not lost so easily, especially those archived in the system's cloud. Security copies are prepared in automatic mode. Such data backup data prevents the loss of important documentation and confidential information. Finally, it manages to minimize the threat from human error and protect the company from destruction and leakage of leakage of important data, which so often happened with paper documents.

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Compliance with current regulations.

Keep in mind the need to comply with modern regulations and procedures. Many state regulations affect various sectors and mean changes. An electronic workflow system documents is easy to adapt to current standards. Thanks to this, we will be well prepared for the eventuality of an audit, and the proper classification of documents, advanced reports, filters and sorting of data will enable efficient execution of audit.

Access to data without the need for transmission.

The availability of data in the electronic workflow system makes it possible to avoid sending them by e-mail. Although it is widely used and useful, it poses a serious risk of threat of information leakage. Email is relatively easy to intercept, while the company's internal workflow system has a number of advanced safeguards, including monitoring users accessing confidential data and allowing only designated individuals to access them.

The arguments FOR the introduction of an electronic workflow are indeed many and it is impossible to impossible to question them. It is certainly a way to 'simplify modern realities' for for companies and institutions.
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Finally, let's quote the software developers from Enovatio, who benefits for entrepreneurs are clearly presented in the following words:

"The implementation of an electronic workflow in a company not only increases the security of documents, but also results in a smooth workflow without having to send documents by mail, courier or flipping them from desk to desk. The system therefore results in significant savings in handling time and, as a result, costs. Now imagine if each employee of a 10-person team, as a result of the fluidity of work and the availability of all data in one location, will start working one hour a day faster, then on an annual basis you will gain about 2500h. At a rate of PLN 50/h, you will gain PLN 125,000 per year. Now think how quickly you will recoup the cost of the system or what you could use this money for in the company, what to invest in, how much additional income?"

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