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Small and big recycling.
Choices that change a lot.


Small and big recycling.
Choices that change a lot..


Recycling is being talked about more and more. And rightly so, because it is one of the ways, to save us from generating waste that seriously threatens the Earth's environment.

We would like to convince you that you and your daily choices can change the image of our planet. Of course, visible effects will appear when a significant number of people adopt the right habits and a larger part of the population will follow suit, but you certainly can no longer continue in indifference.

Well, the best way to change is to start with yourself. And with small steps. Do you know how much garbage is generated by a single household? How many valuable recyclables do we throw away involuntarily? It is worth making an effort, so that these materials do not end up in landfills or litter water bodies.

What can you do alone?

Start separating trash more carefully in your home and office. Segregated waste is a valuable source of secondary raw materials, materials to which, thanks to recycling, we give a 'second life'. The list of things, articles that are made from, for example, plastic bottles is surprising - from computer parts to clothing and shoes!

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And what does recycling look like when performed by large corporations?


A good example, and it's safe to say: an organization that shines by example, is HP. Probably many among the readers will remember that, as part of its activities, HP carries out a number of pro-environmental initiatives (see > HP Sustainable Impact). The success of these activities is measured in numbers.

Did you know that:

  • More than 4.7 billion recycled plastic bottles were used by HP to produce new genuine HP ink cartridges.

  • More than 114 million recycled plastic hangers HP has used to produce new genuine HP ink cartridges and toners.

As a result, 100% of original HP toners and 82% of original HP inks are made from materials recycled.

It is worth reminding here that buyers of consumables from HP can join the recycling HP Planet Partners program. The manufacturer allows free return of used toners to customers individuals, and participating companies supply cartons for collecting finished cartridges ink cartridges and toner cartridges, providing a free container delivery and collection service for collected waste.

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The action is growing in scale.

More than 875 million original HP ink cartridges and toners have already been recycled by customers through the HP Planet Partners program. Everyone is to be thanked for understanding the global challenge and stepping up to the plate.

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One thing is beyond question, in every dimension - individual and collective, social - the is our work for a better future. And while our collective action may yield more visible results, individual attentiveness and responsibility count as well.

Let's keep this in mind by segregating waste 'head-on' and choosing supplies consumables from trusted manufacturers.

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