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Technologies for education
and the future of learning.


Did the pandemic surprise the Polish education system?
Will it change our existing habits and methods of education?

People usually look fragmentarily, at the "here and now." We are interested in what is close, not in a broad context and a more distant perspective. We seem to draw "conclusions for the future", but we are still more interested in the current situation than in what will happen tomorrow.

And what will be tomorrow...?

"Remote learning is a change", which not only educational system, parents and children, but society as a whole must face up to. Efficient, uninterrupted lessons and lectures outside the educational institutions is an extremely difficult challenge for students and teachers.

None of us really know, how long this situation will last. It is not out of the question that remote education will also be conducted after September 1, 2020, i.e. in the new school year.

The Ministry of Digitization announced that the pool of funds for the purchase of laptops and tablets for schools will amount to PLN 180 million. The call for applications has already started on May 15. .

Educational institutions should therefore - with a view to the future - continue to invest in technological solutions. The development of children in the modern world requires familiarity with technology and the ability to work with applications, so it became necessary to ensure their safe on-line sessions while learning and playing via Internet. The best support for students, teachers and educators may turn out to be portable computers dedicated to schools, video-conference systems, webcams, as well as stand-alone sets for remote classes, which enable conducting lessons without being connected to the computer.

Situations similar to the present one, forcing home isolation, may repeat themselves. Therefore, it is necessary to develop awareness of new technologies and build digital competences in the youngest and adults, while ensuring a safe working environment for all.

As an authorized HP partner with an educational specialization, we have prepared a special offer for notebook models dedicated precisely for teaching purposes.

HP 250 is a high performance notebook. This portable computer is made for the most demanding tasks, and its rugged design provides effective protection during everyday school challenges.
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In our offer for education we also have camera sets with built-in microphones. The idea is simple - the teacher in the classroom connects the camera to the computer, so that using applications such as Skype, Teams, Zoom, etc. he or she can start conducting remote lessons. The set is equipped with very functional software. It allows the teacher to conveniently present and explain a subject to students, also by sharing the desktop of the computer.

Another interesting products are autonomous sets, for teaching purposes too. Thanks to the built-in Microsoft Teams or Zoom module, they can operate without the connecting to the computer. These solutions guarantee excellent audio and video quality, and their additional advantage is compatibility with touch screens, which are already commonly used in schools.
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How to combine the digital and analog world? How to prepare teachers, pupils and students for digital reality? What should the school of the future look like?

More about it in the next articles soon on our blog.

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