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Working from home.
A blessing or a curse?


We do not ask ourselves today whether it is a choice or a necessity, because at the present moment in most cases it is definitely the latter.

The question remains, how do you find yourself in the new reality? Is the reversed order is not an opportunity for abuse? Do employers and employees see the issue similarly in the pandemic?

Let's take a look at how the balance of profits and losses stacks up. It would appear to be a win-win, a situation in which both sides should be satisfied - employees don't waste time on the commuting, and employers can save on expenses by forgoing at least the renting office space... Is it so rosy?

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It turns out that working remotely from home deprives us of our private sphere many times. It's easy to forget when "working hours" end and free time should begin. What should we do to take care of this non-work space more effectively? Many experts believe that maintaining a "work-life" balance is equally important.

The first priority, of course, is to have a designated workspace equipped with the necessary equipment and technology. Another is to have effective methods of dealing with anything that interferes with our work, such as noise, the activity of children or the behavior of pets. And finally, but still very important thing, a schedule of activities that takes into account social contact and stimulation, which usually comes from being with others in the workplace.

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The following is a list of proven tips on how to be successful working remotely. Although addressed mainly to employees, they will also successfully serve employers.

1. Adhere to regular working hours. Try to develop a healthy routine, that will help you control the times when you start and end your work from home each day. This helps many remote workers maintain a work-life balance.

2. Set rules for coexistence with other people in your space. For example, if you have children, they need clear rules defining what they can and can't do during the time, when you are working. This will make your life easier and save you nerves.

3. Plan breaks and implement them in full. Let it be, for example, a lunch hour and two 15-minute breaks. (This is the standard for full-time, full-time employees in the US). Also do short gymnastic exercises to relax your spine. Sedentary work puts a lot of strain on it.

4. Get out of the house when you can. To the extent that it is allowed and safe to do so, get out of the house to move around, get some oxygen and spend time in natural light. This is important for your health, as well as for your productivity.

5. Take care of your equipment - tools. Don't hesitate to ask your employer for what you need to do your remote work. This includes setting up the equipment in your home - computer and other IT accessories. You should also reach out to the solutions offered by Business Activator, especially useful for configuring teamwork.

6. Create a dedicated office space at home. For business use only. Even if you have one laptop, dedicate a desk or table for business use during certain hours. Perhaps - depending on the nature of your work - it might be worthwhile for you to use such facilities such as a conference booth (e.g., HIDE PHONE BOOTHS), which provides acoustic comfort and isolation from unwanted noise.

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7. Get together - not just for business. Loneliness, disconnection and alienation are common pains in remote work life. Some companies with remote work cultures offer employees additionally social contacts, such as in the form of chat rooms, where you can talk about common interests, to informally meet online project-related people.

8. Show up - participate in video conferences. This improves the quality of contact with your colleagues and managers, and allows you to meet online "face to face" to better understand the project requirements. Suggest to your superiors or on your own reach for revolutionary solutions, which, in addition to contact over the network, guarantee its excellent technical quality of audio and video. Their additional advantage is compatibility with touch screens, which are already widely used in online meetings.

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9. Take advantage of online training opportunities - improve your skills. Use the internet to serve you in your career and professional development. The number of courses available (often free) is huge. Check out.

10. Stay in touch. Remote work often requires increased communication. Your schedule and availability should be transparent to your colleagues who share responsibility for the project.

11. Think and act positively. This also applies to professional contacts. When instead of having a meeting you have to settle for sending an email, try to include your positive emotions in it. This really has a good effect and warms up relationships with business partners or co-workers.

12. Don't be too hard on yourself and use your strengths. Since you work from home, allow yourself to do things that you can do at home (and not in the office). Have you thought about baking your own bread? It will work - after all, your kitchen is right next door. It's also a good idea to let loose, to take your mind off work, if only for a moment. It's impossible to maintain top productivity all the time. Remember that you have to balance it with taking care of yourself, otherwise you risk burning out.

So many tips. Since the remote work model is still new to most of us, let's learn learn from others how best to implement it. Let's inspire each other and find ourselves in new circumstances, always deriving satisfaction from new opportunities.

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