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Peace and quiet at a premium.
HIDE PHONE BOOTHS – kabiny akustyczne do biur.


Why is silence so important to us?
What scientific rationale is behind the need for 'tranquility' and man's search for a A quiet place, especially for work?


According to the author of an article published in Harvard Business Review, research shows, that taking time for silence regenerates the nervous system, helps maintain energy and conditions the mind so that it can better adapt and respond to the complexity of the environment in which we live and work.

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Our ability to concentrate on various tasks increases when ambient noise is relatively small. Normally, we lose focus or become distracted when the sound reaches a level of about 80 decibels. A quiet environment with reduced noise levels best helps us to concentration.

Another interesting question: what does silence do to the brain?

Analogous to noise, which can cause tension and stress, silence releases tension from the brain. Being in silence for even just two minutes can be more beneficial than listening to "relaxing music."

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And how does silence translate into our professional lives? The list of benefits is long. Silence, among other things, makes it easier to concentrate on tasks, improves efficiency, helps "collect thoughts" and allows us to exchange information or views in conversation.

All these benefits have been recognized by conference booth builders. Rarely do we have an ideal environment to work in that is characterized by peace and quiet, and after all, the comfort of silence increases our efficiency. This thought guided the designers of the conference booths HIDE. They are made for those for whom phone calls or online meetings in AV conferencing mode play an important role in business.

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Conference booth HIDE PHONE BOOTHS is a Polish product with guaranteed quality. Available in a variety of sizes, it allows you to have a comfortable business conversation or online conference. It is easy to see that this brilliantly simple solution can be practically within the reach of any wallet. High market standard at an unbeatably low price.

A conference booth is the idea of a 'micro-office in the office' or 'micro-office at home'. The usual open floor plan of offices makes it much more difficult to communicate aloud, and people carry on conversations simultaneously. This, of course, causes distraction for those in the immediate surroundings.

In apartments, on the other hand, the professional duties of adults often overlap with the activities of such as noisy children, and do not harmonize with them, and even interfere.

HIDE PHONE BOOTHS is the answer to such situations.
Priceless peace and quiet for little money.

Learn more about conference booths from our consultants, and best of all, try out for yourself how it works HIDE.

We encourage you to take a look at our offer.


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